Erick Guzman Santana

Web Developer
erick guzman santana

Once upon a time, there is a country in the world on the same trajectory as the sun. Erick was born in Galvan, Dominican Republic.

He grew up in Santo Domingo city. He fell in love with programming because of video games. Started coding games on C++ using Windows notepad, then using notepad++, and currently on Unity. He learned HTML and more, which led him to PHP. He then took classes and did certifications. He started to learn Linux and fell in love with this career all over again. In 2011 he started working in IT before he finished school. He’s still learning every day.

When he is not trying to crack the code; you can find Erick loving his wife and daughter. He has a very active life. Loves being outside, going to concerts, theater, and conventions, music, cars, cosplay, etc. These things keep him grounded.

Fave Places

  • Go Karts
  • Home
  • Beaches(DR)
  • Traveling
  • Japan (My traveling dream)


  • Hiking/Kayaking/Biking
  • Video games / Anime
  • Play Minecraft/Roblox with my daughter
  • Indian, Korean and Mexican food
  • Coding and Linux

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