Jay Simon

Project Manager
Adult man with glasses and a plaid shirt, posing for a portrait.

Jay carries over 12 years of project management experience across projects ranging from local mom and pop shops, to emerging start-ups, to nationally-recognized brands.

He immerses himself in the details, reading between subtle lines when it comes to clients’ needs and the needs of their customers in order to achieve project goals. Though Jay’s focus is always on deadlines and budgets, he measures true project success by total client comfort and satisfaction throughout the entire lifecycle of the work, and not just the launch.

When he’s not managing projects, Jay writes comic books, runs his volleyball organization here in Chicago, and is currently scripting a virtual reality game for Google’s Daydream. He loves going to Bears games in snowstorms, enjoying the outdoors or watching FX shows with his wife, and picking up this stick with his son. Or that stick…or even that one…

Fave Places

  • Soldier Field
  • Alleycat Comics
  • The Lakefront Path
  • Lady Gregory’s
  • 3-ft from my fire pit


  • Da Bears!
  • Volleyball
  • Horror movies
  • Magic: the Gathering
  • Strumming my acoustic

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