Kris McNeely

Content Optimization Specialist
kris mcneely

Kris wrote her autobiography at age 7.

It was two pages long and quite frankly, a little dull. Since then, she’s expanded her oeuvre to include copywriting, travel writing, ghostwriting, humor writing, and blogging. She is a recent convert to the Oxford comma but is open to opposing viewpoints, differing opinions, and divergent perspectives.

As a content optimization specialist, Kris feels an immense sense of gratification when the content she creates hits the mark, pleases the client, and ultimately converts the customer. (Which usually pleases the client even more.)

Kris has a passion for learning about wine and even drinks it on occasion. She loves train travel, has a long bucket list of travel destinations she’s eager to pursue and is working up the courage to tell a story at a Moth Story Slam. Someday. Maybe.

Fave Places

  • Wine Bars
  • Italy
  • On a train
  • Moth Story Slam
  • Ireland


  • Italian language lessons
  • Wine tastings
  • Travel
  • Movies
  • Writing

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