Mari Osten

Digital Marketing Specialist
mari osten

Mari came to Orbit from an elliptical and oddly-winding path over eight years, meeting various future co-workers while playing volleyball, at the gym, and through friends of friends of friends.

Through it all, she was honing her skills and passions that reflected her wandering nature. At Orbit, she touches almost every project in some regard. She’s an expert in SEO research, content entry, testing, and CMS training. If you have a site, Mari will show you how to use it. By her own admittance, she gets extremely invested in the minute details, but that means everything comes together right.

A study-abroad at 16 in Argentina spawned a lifetime love of travel, both physical and intellectual. She studied Fine Art Photography and Art History, as well as Graphic Design, and has worked at jobs as varied as a website designer, a stained glass artists and refurbisher, and a designer of educational children’s books that make a lot of noise (but are still educational!).

Mari’s interested in all the little cool things about life. She loves crafts like pottery and painting, is always playing sports, working out, or doing yoga, is constantly on the lookout for new recipes to try, and is happy at some remote campsite, or at a poker table.

Fave Places

  • Morocco
  • The gym
  • Hopleaf
  • The beach
  • Crafty Beaver


  • Travel
  • Cooking and Baking
  • Creating crafty things
  • Volleyball
  • Trying something new

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