Shared & Dedicated Hosting

Updated – March 3, 2023

At its core, a web host should be two things: accountable and reliable. When you host with Orbit, our team will be responsible for supporting your site and keeping it live. Hold us accountable and we’ll take care of everything.

Secure, Reliable, Scalable

There are several hosting options to choose from.

The best option depends on your site, its CMS platform, security and support needs, traffic levels and your budget. All of our shared and dedicated hosting partner plans include environment caching for speed, security layers for defense, automatic daily backups for retention, and SLAs of 99.95% or more from our hosting partners.

Standard Hosting

We offer shared hosting services as an Agency Partner through our hosting partner WPEngine.

Low traffic websites don’t require as many resources to run, so they’re perfect for shared hosting. Shared hosting is less expensive than dedicated options but full of standard benefits. Our team will take care of everything with the help from our hosting partners, from set up to maintenance and support. Orbit shared hosting fees are competitive without sacrificing performance by managing multiple websites on WPEngine’s Premium servers.

Shared hosting fees start at $300/year*

*For Chicago clients, a 5.25% Personal Property Lease Tax applies to the Web Hosting portion of the fees.

Website Managed Services

In addition to website hosting, Orbit provides an essential and valuable Managed Services offering which is necessary for us to ensure the uptime of 99.5% or more, 24/7 monitoring, and scheduled updates to your website content management system and plugins.

Orbit also becomes the first layer of support for anything related to the website and server. We will communicate with the hosting partner’s support team on your behalf for anything related to the website and hosting like troubleshoot issues, consult for performance improvements, and coordinate development and staging environments

Website Managed Services start at $1,800

See Managed Hosting Services

Dedicated Hosting Services – High Traffic Sites

Orbit provides consulting for dedicated hosting services as an Agency Partner with the following hosting providers. Their fees and SLA’s vary. By hosting with one of these strategic partners, Orbit is also able to offer Website Managed Services in addition to the provider’s SLA.

Partners & Technical Specs

Dedicated Hosting Providers

Partner SLAs

Additional Hosting Options

Orbit provides a thorough list of Website Security and Redundancy Best Practices. We would be happy to consult with you based on your specific requirements and concerns.

The most common recommendation is to add as a caching layer for speed, CDN, and DDoS.

Issue/Concern Why? Included in Orbit Hosting and Managed Services?
Hosting Security Protects from human and bot access to the server Yes
Data Center Security Examination Compliance SOC 2 compliance provides third party assurance and compliance with Security and Availability Trust Services Criteria. Yes
Website Security Protects from human and bot brute force entry to website content management system Yes
DDoS Protection Prevents DDoS attacks Yes
Web Firewall Protects from illegitimate traffic to hack, steal and can further prevent DDoS attacks No
File Change Monitoring Daily digest of file changes allows for review of code changed by developers, clients, and potentially foreign sources Yes
Version Control Compares current code to latest changes Yes
Multiple Environments Production, Staging, and Development environments for developing, testing, and staging code and content releases Yes
Uptime Monitoring Records and alerts to downtime help diagnose persistent downtime issues Yes
Domain and SSL Monitoring Awareness of domain and SSL expiration Yes
Attack Monitoring, Prevention, and Remediation Notification of attacks; PCI compliance, penetration scans No
Phishing scam Monitoring Detects and fights online brand abuse: trademark infringement, counterfeit sales, phishing attacks, fraud, etc. No
Content Change Monitoring Detects and tracks changes to content on the website and provides reports when the changes occur. No
Website Backups Quickly and easily restore from previous versions Yes
DNS Managed Website Failover Quickly route traffic from a failed or overloaded website or server to another service No
Failover Hosting Services Pre-built and configured alternate page or website to route website traffic Yes
Off-site Website Backups Keep historic records of content changes No
Disaster Recovery Failover hosting for full website and disaster recovery mitigation No

How well do you know your web host?

Orbit’s web hosting packages are based on your individual requirements so you never have to feel like you’re settling. Because Orbit designs and develops the sites we host, we also maintain the environments. Take advantage of robust hosting plans by partnering with us.