Kenyetta Williams

kenyetta williams

Kenyetta has a zest for expanding the stories of businesses through copywriting, content marketing, and organic SEO.

She’s dedicated nearly a decade to conceptualizing and writing content through an SEO lens that helped companies attract and captivate ideal customers.

When she’s not bringing zest to content, she’s probably adding lemon zest to a recipe in her kitchen. Kenyetta is an avid home cook that enjoys creating savory meals from scratch to the backdrop of a 90’s R&B playlist. In her downtime, you can also find her running on the lakefront, strength training, or wandering Mariano’s for food that isn’t on her grocery list.

Fave Places

  • Any beachfront
  • Chicago’s food scene
  • The spa
  • My kitchen
  • The grocery store


  • Cooking
  • Traveling
  • Running and strength training
  • Health and wellness
  • Discovering new things

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