Alice Kirichenko

Project Manager
Alice Kirichenko

Alice strives to combine her years of project management experience with her background in art history to create strategic and colorful solutions for website needs. Whether it is implementing changes to landing pages or collaborating to find solutions for SEO conversion goals, Alice goes above and beyond for her clients.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, on the weekends you can find Alice exploring the expansive number of art galleries that occupy New York City. When she’s not working on websites or perusing art galleries, she is playing with her Australian Shepherd puppy, Kramer, eating Pho, or scoping out upcoming concerts!

Fave Places
  • London
  • Anywhere there’s Pho or Ramen
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Pup friendly cafes
  • Dumbo’s Time Out Market
  • Art history
  • Painting
  • Concerts
  • Tim Burton
  • Puppy Instagram pages