Brian O’Neill

Conversion Copywriter
Brian O'Neill

Words, mostly.

Brian is a former journalist, analyst, and blogger, writing about topics as varied as environmental policy and Yemeni tribal politics. He’s been working in content marketing for six years now, helping companies express their vision and passion on their sites and in broader marketing campaigns. To Brian, these aren’t vastly different professions. He uses the same curiosity about everything under (and over) the sun to learn everything he can about his clients, and to help them speak in their own voice.

Brian is obsessed with the Middle East, regional history, the Great Lakes, and Chicago sports (White Sox, not Cubs). He still blogs at, and is a middling softball pitcher. He lives in Evanston with his wife Allison and their very good dog Aldo, and relaxes by taking long walks along the lake. Though not in a sappy way. Though, let’s be honest: not exactly not sappy, either.

Fave Places
  • Reading nook
  • Sox Park (it’s always Sox Park)
  • Sketchbook
  • Calumet Fisheries
  • Musty bookstores
  • Softball and tennis
  • Great Lakes
  • Reading and writing about books
  • Weird local history
  • Inexpensive bourbon

They tried it, yeah. Wouldn’t you? If you found a jar of honey in a thousands-of-years-old tomb, wouldn’t you put your finger into it and taste it?” -Tom Waits