Data management is key to success in the digital world.

At face value, data management is a concept that sounds straightforward, but when you lift up the hood, there are so many moving pieces to it that creating an optimal process can feel daunting.

HubStor wants to change that with its simple SaaS solution that allows enterprise organizations a platform to manage their data without having to get under the hood. They needed a website that presented their solution in a clean look and feel, and clear messaging about how their product simplifies the complexity of data management.

The Orbit team answered on all fronts. Our copywriting team aligned the messaging about the product to present a unified message throughout the site. Our design team channeled that messaging into the design, understood the audiences looking for HubStor, and utilized testimonials from those audiences to assure site visitors that simplicity is at the heart of the HubStor product.

This project was a delightful collaborative effort between HubStor and the Orbiteers. While we’re arbiters of best practices for the web, we’re always up for learning new tricks. Let’s just say we’ll be thinking about 404 pages a little bit differently after this project. Cheers, HubStor!

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