An Iconic Chicago Brand. A New e-commerce Platform.

In many ways, Vienna Beef is Chicago. Just as the city is synonymous with its hot dogs, we wanted to create an e-commerce site that captured the brand, the spirit, and the feel of this iconic company. We wanted to create a site that would showcase the diversity of their product, the themes of their company, their involvement in the community, and create an easy-to-use e-commerce platform.

On the site, we included:

  • Store and stand locators
  • e-commerce for all visitors
  • Easy paths for retailers and individuals
  • Fun branding elements like “Building a Chicago Dog” and “The Hot Dog Hall of Fame”

Throughout, we integrated Vienna’s colors, history, and sense of fun so that turning each page felt like snapping into a piece of the city. We’re proud of our association with Vienna, and proud that we can continue to help this historic company grow into the future.

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