Commercial construction and design

RWE Design Build is an award-winning full-service construction, design and build firm. They have over 25 years of experience and specialize in building beautiful and more profitable practices for those working in dental clinics, animal care and medical clinics.

The challenge

Missed SEO and conversion opportunities

RWE Design Build creates beautiful and functional spaces for their clients. They’re so good at what they do, they were able to expand nationally to bring their designs all across the United States. But to continue their growth, RWE needed to reach a wider audience.

RWE’s expansion opened the door to new SEO and conversion opportunities, both of which could be addressed with an updated website. To continue this growth, they needed their site to:

  • Reach a wider audience
  • Draw on new SEO opportunities
  • Increase conversions

The fix

Incorporating a multi-channel SEO strategy to cast a wider net

Orbit quickly got to work on copywriting, design and development to spread the word about RWE’s services. Here are some highlights:

  • Upgraded SEO strategy to reach more users
  • Highlighted visual proof, testimonials, and case studies to showcase RWE’s experience
  • Updated site navigation and copy to streamline user journeys
  • Created a modern, accessible, UX-focused site that was as visually appealing as RWE’s builds

Partner with Us

Since 2001, the Orbit web design and development team has been creating custom sites and managing tricky integrations. We’re content management experts and work closely with web strategists and project managers to create your perfect site.