Bottleneck Management Group Restaurants

Bottleneck Management Group Restaurants

Bottleneck Management owns and operates some of Chicago’s best restaurants and taverns. They worked with us through multiple redesigns, creating to create a solid, lively, and cozy web presence for their management company and their individual locations.

Bottleneck Management had a few goals with their new design: get people into their upscale and friendly restaurants in Chicago and around the country, and to tell their story. Their beautiful new site includes a full-page warm and welcoming video, space for their latest publicity, and an clean and easy navigation to their individual restaurants.

But we also wanted to show who Bottleneck was in a way that could appeal to customers and to potential business partners. We wanted to show how a group of friends who just thought they could make a better bar made a Chicago juggernaut, without losing any of their values.

We created a design that fit the Bottleneck aesthetic: upscale but unpretentious, easy to get to, and easy to enjoy.

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