16 Location Pages, Each with a Story to Tell

Fieldwork's customers take a lot of factors into consideration when deciding where to conduct their market research. Can they take the research as an opportunity to travel? Who will they be working with? What does the facility look like and what are its capabilities? The list goes on and on, and their previous site's location pages were tiny, hard to navigate, and just didn't do their facilities justice.

We took this as a huge opportunity to rethink the pages from the ground up. The result is 16 new pages packed with photos, people, location information, and technical data broken up into easy-to-consume pieces, optimized for desktop AND mobile.

“WE LOVE ORBIT! Our experience with Orbit was very positive throughout the entire project cycle. They really have a great team on both the project management and design side. They were able to deliver a great website given our challenges and unique industry. Thank you so much for our beautiful site!”
—Rachel Hawley, Special Projects Coordinator, Fieldwork Inc.

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