Two Types of Website Visitors [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Andy Crestodina

Try this: open up your browsing history and look at the last few hundred websites in there. Skip past the sites you visit everyday, such as news sites, social media and email.

Now look at what’s left and ask yourself, why did I visit these websites?

Just like everyone else on the internet, you likely visit websites for two main reasons: you’re researching a question or you’re looking for a presumed answer. Those are the two main types of website visitors.

Here’s a visual breakdown of those two kinds of visits, and how to treat them differently in marketing….

It makes sense doesn’t it? Now you should have a better sense for how to strengthen your website and content for each. If you’re ready for specific tips for both, try these two articles:

We hope this helps! You’re welcome to share this image on your site. Interested? Just copy and paste this code into your blog….

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Comments (17)
  • Excellent point of view and insight Andy! I recently published a Pulse article and was glad to see Google indexed the piece “how to become a content marketing ninja” Now if I can figure out what a GOD question phrase for content marketing ninja this Q&A funnel might work in my favor 😉

    • Thanks for jumping in, Neil. I’m not surprised that you’re already thinking along these lines.

      The trick for you will be to turn type one into type two! A bit of social proof and clever internal linking might help…

      Thanks for your input, as always!

  • SPOT on,

    Andy I always enjoy your blog posts….very informative…keep it up

    • Thanks! Yes, it’s an absolute truth, but it may not be obvious in your Analytics. Learn to see the difference and make better decisions!

  • Thanks, Andy. Useful.

  • I love this, Andy. You always share great information!

  • Another informative, easy to read—and digest—post. Thanks, Andy!

    • Thanks, Dave! I’ve had this one in the back of my mind for a long time. Glad if you found it useful…

  • Excellent points. Human nature is unpredictable.

  • Spot on Andy! I shared with the students in my Internet Marketing class at Aurora University.

  • Andy – you have the most amazing talent for turning a clutter of information into clearly defined strategies, plans and concepts. There is no doubt why your prospects become your clients.

    • Awww. Thanks for the kind words, Len. I have to give credit to Amanda and the Orbit team on this one. They did such a nice job turning my sketchy notes into a crystal clear graphic…

  • Three mantras of yours… Words. Design. Content.

    Waiting for your inspiring article, Andy.

  • Great infographic.

    It’s right.
    Both less bounce rate and average visit duration, it’s not possible.

    The visits that read your blog posts for a long time, bounce more often.

    By taking this into account, we can say something about word count.

    Long content increases duration but offers you high bounce rate. Short posts decrease bounce rate and offer less page visit duration,

    The sweet spot is in the middle.

    Balancing the bounce rate and visit duration is a challenging task. That’s where the main part of SEO is.

    Good post.

  • Fantastic work yet again, Andy (and relevant Orbit team members) 🙂

    I was just thinking..

    Not sure if there is a funnel like that but, getting people who come with questions looking for answers to be converted to the other type – more profitable prospects.

    So basically, someone coming in, classified as a left column user ending up buying straight away. Is it possible?

  • Very insightful infographic. I think the 2nd one is better. If the bounce rate of your site rate is lower it means your blog has that kind of information that visitors are looking for.
    Higher conversion rate is always good for any site owner.

    Thanks for sharing yet another informative infographic post!

  • Your image mirrors the traffic on our site… that’s probably has much to do with your insights and inspiration when we were designing and building our site! Well said Andy!!! Great graphic!

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