Website Analytics Review

Websites have the most potential for success when you can measure their performance and make important decisions based on data.

Orbit’s Google Analytics experts are available to consult on ways to optimize your site, converting visitors into customers. Learn how to increase rankings and targeted traffic with a website analytics review.

Google Analytics setup

Google Analytics, Google Search Console & Google Tag Manager audit.

Our Google Analytics experts will start with a Google Analytics audit and make sure your Google Analytics are set up correctly, including proper integration with Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console and AdWords. The Google Analytics data should be as accurate and actionable as possible.

Next, we’ll set up goals and funnels based on your business goals. And finally, we’ll filter ourselves (along with bots and spiders) from your traffic reports. We want clean data to find actionable insights and make data-driven decisions.

Aligned with business goals for ongoing optimization

A website should never stand still. After all, digital ink is never dy.

That’s why the key to smart marketing decisions involves making regular updates and decisions based on metrics, not assumptions. We’ll build you a website optimized for SEO and for conversions. But it will never be finished.

To truly maximize your results and investment, you need a website analytics review and check your website’s performance regularly.

a few sites with web analytics audits

Google Analytics reporting & automation

Trust us. It gets easier over time.

Google Analytics takes time to set up. But once they’re set up, the data comes to you (especially if you create little shortcuts). Included in our Google Analytics services, we have many tools available to serve up data in a variety of formats:

  • Customized dashboards tailored to your traffic and goals.
  • Email reports automatically generated on a regular basis.
  • Intelligence events that notify you when there are spikes and valleys in the data.
  • Custom segments to segment out the traffic that matters to your business goals

Analyzing traffic and conversions

Let our Google Analytics consultants make sense of your data

Analytics is designed to support the analysis of traffic and conversions. Within your Google Analytics dashboard, you’ll see the ABCs of the funnel and our focus for this portion of your Google analytics review: Audience, Acquisitions, Behavior, Conversion.

We’ll document what’s working well and areas for optimization. We’ll examine traffic sources, acquisition reports, top pages and paths, behavior reports, page values, conversion rates and goal completions.

Then we’ll dive deeper into the data to understand which visitors are the least likely to engage with the site. We’ll analyze exit rates and together we’ll learn which pages are least helpful at supporting conversions so you can start making improvements and seeing immediate results.

Google Analytics training

Our Google Analytics experts will teach you to analyze the data & use it to make better decisions.

Analytics isn’t just for reporting. This critical tool supports your business decisions, and we’ll teach you how to get ongoing value from your data.

We’ll show you how to understand the reports, ask questions and use the data to drive deeper decisions. Because the best insights are always one level deeper than the initial report.

Ready for your website analytics review?

Are you confident your site meets the needs of the people who visit it? Gain more meaningful insight into your visitors by making data-driven decisions that engage the people using your site.

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