Protecting Musician Hearing with a Shopify Site that Rocks

Sensaphonics has been a pioneer in in-ear monitoring solutions that protect hearing while letting people continue to make music. Their clientele involves some of the biggest names in the music business. They needed a site that matched their scope and could facilitate e-commerce and marketing.

Orbit designed a Shopify ecommerce website to make it easy for people to search their vast array of products, place an order, and have it delivered anywhere in the country (even on the road). The site establishes an easy-to-navigate catalog, and even helps walk people through the process of coordinating with their doctor to make sure their devices are calibrated exactly for their individual ears.

The Shopify portion of this site was combined with a marketing site on a WordPress CMS that promoted the brand, educated about ear health and showcase their long history of pioneering ear health. This was a unique challenge, and a great opportunity to help an exciting, worthy client.

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