Websites and Wedding Cakes

By Barrett Lombardo

You’re Getting Married!

And of course, one of the most important things you’ll need is a wedding cake. Should it be three or four tiers? Fondant or frosting? It better be perfect!

There is a similar excitement when you start a new company or a new marketing plan and need a new website. Like a wedding cake, your website will be the focal point of the reception; you will invite many people to see and share the event.

Like a great web design firm, a great bakery will empathize and appreciate that:

  • This is a mission-critical element to your wedding.
  • You desire personal attention, shared excitement, and high-touch service.
  • You want your personality, culture, and values to be represented in the design.

For these reasons, the best websites and wedding cakes cost more than something you find “off the shelf.”

Your memories of the decision process will indirectly affect your appreciation of the final product. The process below illustrates how great web design firms create great wedding cakes.

How Getting a Great Website is Like Getting a Great Wedding Cake

1. Research

  • You start by asking your friends and family where they got their wedding cake.
  • To cover your bases, you search Google for the suggested bakeries and other wedding cake bakeries in your area.
  • You read the reviews and choose a few bakeries based on reputation.

2. Buy

  • You inquire for quotes and ask to see recent samples.
  • You request that they deliver on a specific date.
  • You go in to do a taste test.
  • You choose a bakery based on the cost, how much you like the designs and tastes of the cakes, and because you really connected with the chef.

3. Design Analysis

  • You are asked a series of questions about your opinions on decorations, colors, shape and filling.
  • The chef shows you photos of sample cake decoration styles.
  • You show the chef your dream cake – which is much like one designed for a celebrity wedding (that no one actually ate).

4. The Design Process

  • The cake designer presents a few options based on your budget, design requests, the filling, and size to serve the number of expected guests.
  • You ask to use a different ribboning, change the yellow to blue, use round instead of square tiers, have five-petal flowers instead of six, and request more sparkle.
  • The decorators provide a mini cake with a design that blows your mind, but you feel compelled to ask for one last “tweak.”
  • You give your approval and go off to plan the rest of your reception.

5. The Scope Increases

  • You call the bakery a few weeks later to explain that the number of guests coming is bigger than first expected and you need another layer.
  • The bakery explains the costs to undo and redo the cake plan.
  • You say “O.K., thanks!” (after a brief cost negotiation).

6. The Product Delivered

  • You go back to the bakery a couple days before the wedding to see how it looks.
  • You are so overwhelmed with joy and anticipation at the sight of the finished product.
  • The cake is delivered and presented to your guests to much delight.
  • There are many “ooohs” and “aaahs” (but, of course, some people voice their critical opinion).

7. Apprehension to Start

  • You are hesitant to make the first cut because you don’t want to damage such a beautiful cake (someone needs to hold your hand while you do it).
  • The cake is finally served.

Now For The Honeymoon

Orbit Media treats the design of your website with as much care as your wedding cake. We know that this design represents the values and culture of your company, and there is emotion driving the decisions. We adhere to a collaborative design process – your opinions matter and will greatly affect the final design.

At the same time, our website designers bring the highest level of expertise in functional and aesthetic design. Combined, it’s a recipe for brilliance – all the right ingredients to bake and decorate a perfect cake!

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