The Client Bill of Rights

By Barrett Lombardo

Right of Return

  • If I hire Orbit to create something for me, I have the right to get a return on my investment, be it through:
    • Cost or time savings
    • Traffic  volume and quality increases
    • Sales opportunities through leads
    • Conversion of visitors to leads or sales
    • Exposure through visits and views
    • Education on products or services
    • Direct sales of products
    • Enhanced brand awareness and differentiation
  • I have the right to expect that Orbit will understand my business and my overall marketing strategy and incorporate that knowledge into every decision so that I get the most out of my money
  • If Orbit doesn’t have faith that there will be a return on investment, or if there are external factors or risks that may affect the return on my investment, Orbit will explain and advise.
  • I have the right to understand the total cost (initial, maintenance, etc.) of my website so that I can adequately assess costs and benefits.

DO (Due) Process

  • I have the right to a service level and attention to details from Orbit that is consistent with their best practices and processes.
  • I have the right to never be surprised by always having my expectations set and managed appropriately relative to the scope, process, plan, deliverables, and the what is expected from me during the process
  • I have the right for all projects to be delivered on-time and on-budget, provided I fulfill my own project responsibilities.
  • I have the right to be unique and demand flexibility from Orbit rather than just being put through the motions or process.
  • I have the right to mutual professional courtesy and respect in all communications with Orbit.
  • I have the right for quality websites that function properly and are error free, as defined in proposals and during planning.

Right to Counsel & Advice

  • I have the right to expect Orbit to demonstrate their expertise and consult me on what’s best for my site for the life of our relationship.
  • If there are trends or changes to the Internet that affect my marketing, I have the right to be notified and advised.  Orbit will inform me of major trends that may affect my website and advise me of the implications and opportunities.
  • If I contact Orbit to discuss a change I have in mind, I have the same rights of counsel and Orbit will provide me advice.
  • If changes to my site are recommended or needed, I have a right to a fair and accurate estimate if costs are incurred.

Support for the People

  • I have the right to prompt assistance if something goes wrong, even if it’s my fault.
  • I have the right to get help solving my website problems and assistance with my ideas.
  • I expect to get a quick response to my request and have it resolved in a reasonable time frame.


  • I can expect Orbit to keep up with the latest technology trends and only recommend or use technologies that are proven and reliable
  • If Orbit is hosting a website for me, I have the right to reliable, secure and up-to-date hosting with minimal downtime.

Usability & Design

  • I have the right to a design that is consistent and complimentary to my brand
  • I have the right to designs that are both visually appealing and usable
  • I have the right to expect my users’ experience to be efficient and pleasant


  • I have the right to update my website content without needing help from Orbit
  • I have the right to adequate and accurate reporting tools that allow me to manage my site and support my business processes.
  • I have the right to be educated on how Orbit tools work so that I can maintain my site.


  • I have the right work with Orbiteers who have an awesome attitude that includes a results focus, positive energy, balanced urgency, and genuine partnership.
  • I have the right to expect that Orbit will make me happy about choosing to work with them!

Partner Rights

  • If I am partnered with Orbit, I have the right to mutual respect, genuine dialog and a sincere advice on what is best for the end client.
  • I have the right to my clients.  I am entitled protection from Orbit working directly with my clients without my permission.

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