Hubspot’s Greatest Hits: Top 10 Hits From The Superstars of Web Marketing Research

By Andy Crestodina

There’s a company called Hubspot that has rocked the world of web marketing. They’re really an analytics software group, but with lead singer Dan Zarella, they consistently churn out research and webinars that are huge hits with their millions of fans. Here’s a remix of some of the greatest single tracks from those webinars.

HubSpot’s Greatest Hits: Volume I

“Why Page 1 Matters”

100 Awesome Marketing Stats (slide 33) – In search engines, 60% of all organic clicks come from the top 3 search results, and 75% of users never go past the first page. It’s worth much more to be at the top of the charts (and search results).

“Ask For Less Info”

Science of Analytics (slide 37) – If a form has fewer fields, more visitors will fill it out, which means higher conversions. It makes perfect sense, right? Now we have the research to back it up.

“Tuesday’s Gone With The Visitor”

Science of Email Marketing (slide 14) – The one day of the week that gets more opt-outs and email unsubscribes than any other? Tuesday. Who knew?

“Publish Early, Share It Late”

Science of Blogging (slide 61) – Blogs are most likely to be read early in the day and on the weekends, but the Tweets and Facebook posts that promote those blog posts are more likely to get shared late in the day.

“Magic Raffle Rewards”

Science of Email Marketing (slide 32) – The words you use in email subject lines matter. Use of certain words, (i.e, “Magic”, “Raffle”, “Rewards”), will make your emails less likely to be delivered.

“Bloggers Get The Visitors”

100 Awesome Marketing Stats (slide 75) – Ready for some crazy stats? Companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages, 55% more visitors, and generate 67% more leads than companies that do not.

“Twitter You Please”

Science of Blogging (slide 28) – The top 5 most re-tweetable words are “you”, “twitter”, “please”, “retweet”, and “post”. Hubspot recommends you keep it personal and stay away from industry jargon (it hurts the visitors’ ears).

“I Will Follow You

Science of Analytics (slide 54) – Photography of people looking in a certain direction can improve conversions. Note: Technically this is a cover tune since Hubspot was referring to another study, but since I first heard it from Hubspot, it made the list. It was mentioned in this blog as well.

“Banner Blindness

Optimizing Your Site for Maximum Lead Flow (slide 18) – Simply put, people ignore banner ads. You don’t want to be the clutter around the content, you want to be the content.

“You’re So Vain”

It turns out that the most shareable word on Facebook is…..Facebook. Rounding out the top five included “why”, “most”, “world”, and “how”.

So, those are some of our favorites from a group that’s sure to produce more hard-rocking content marketing research and recommendations. We’ll be here listening. Someday you might even see a Hubspot’s Greatest Hits Volume Two…

If you’ve tested any of these tips, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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