Verilife Cannabis Dispensaries

Verilife is the face of a growing and changing industry. They needed a site that reflected their customer-focused approach to service and wellness.

The medical and recreational cannabis industry is undergoing a revolution, and Verilife is at the forefront of that. They wanted a site that captured their friendly, customer-service oriented approach to business. Their stores are welcoming, open, and clean, so we made a site that was easy to use and made visitors feel comfortable.

The site was designed to filter users based on state, with an added wall for restricted age groups. The entrance to the site is easy to navigate, fulfilling different legal regulations without being onerous for the visitor. We also made it very easy for the visitor to find their local dispensary, filtering them there based on location.

This was an information-heavy site for designed for people with different levels of knowledge about cannabis use. With easy user paths and prominent calls to action about getting a medical card, the site filled Verilife’s mission of erasing any stigma from cannabis use. Warm colors mimic Verilife’s rebranding, creating a safe and open space on the site and in the real world.

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