The Luxury Bed Collection

You can’t put a price on good sleep.

When we kicked off this project, our team went into the The Luxury Bed Collection store in downtown Chicago so they would know what a Luxury Bed Collection bed felt like. As we rested our backs and heads, we thought, “how are we going to translate this into a website?”

The Luxury Bed Collection is a mattress retailer that caters to those whose sleep knows no bounds . . . or price limit. It’s an e-commerce site, but the mattresses themselves were only sold in person. Sleep accessories could be purchased on the website, but our biggest goal would be to translate the service experience BEFORE the sale.

We did that with a lot of big photos showing the mattresses, and what made them deliver the caliber of sleep that they did. We also used a mega menu option that enveloped the user’s screen upon mouseover, like a warm blanket wrapping you up after a long day.

In the end, we know that the Luxury Bed Collection site will help bring clients into the showroom before they step foot in the showroom.

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