Aha Media Group


Content marketers helping content marketers

Orbit works with clients across a variety of industries, but it’s a real compliment when someone in our industry says to us, “We want you to do our website.”

That was the case with Aha Media Group, a healthcare focused content marketing agency based in Maryland. Their founder, Ahava Leibtag, is well known in the content marketing space as a speaker and webinar series. Our founder, Andy Crestodina, has been a guest speaker on Ahava’s “What Did You Learn” webinars.

Going into the project, we knew that the content was going to be the star – Ahava and her team have a wide range of content that speaks very specifically to their audiences. Our goal was to let the content speak for itself, and use the design to supplement the content and make it leap off the page.

We were happy to give a fellow content marketers a new website that helps them showcase the great work they do.

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