Finding a Benefits Vendor Is Hard. Shortlister Makes It Easy.

There are a lot of HR and benefits vendors out there. Employers are overwhelmed with choices. Shortlister makes it easy for them to find a match that meets their budget, their goals, and their expectations. They needed a site that was just as easy to use.

We created a site that focused on a few primary actions: finding a vendor, and creating an account to unlock even more material. Easy-to-use navigation made it simple to filter through several primary categories and then down into specific sub-sectors. Each search brought up a clear review of a vendor’s capabilities, services and reputation. This way, busy employers or consultants don’t have to sift through endless options.

One challenge of the site was creating clear user flows for multiple audiences. We also wanted to make it easy for vendors to get hooked up with the Shortlister network. We crafted a universal message that showed the benefits for both sides of the employer/vendor relationship while focusing the primary calls to action on the employer. The vendor could see what they needed and still take easy action.

A UX-focused site makes using Shortlister’s tool easy. That’s a benefit everyone can enjoy.

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