Richter Studios makes beautiful videos. They needed a site that showcased their vision.

If you’re in the business of making corporate videos into art and are at the forefront of digital storytelling, you need a site that captures your visionary approach. That’s why our friends at Richter Studios turned to Orbit to upgrade their site into a friendly, easy-to-use system that had beauty baked into its functionality.

Richter Studios has a story to tel its clients in words, images, and of course, video. We created a very easy to use Content Management System on WordPress, which will allow Richter to showcase their newest work easily, and never let the site grow stale.

Incorporating Richter’s blend of retro themes and cutting-edge technology, we created a site that tells the Richter story, leading to easy conversions for potential clients. Clear calls-to-action are throughout the site, letting visitors view the work at their leisure. Richter has a vision. We were proud to work with them on a redesign that meets it.

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