Learning Sciences International

Providing solutions for educators in all settings.

Learning Sciences International is an organization dedicated to developing student capacity for taking greater responsibility for their own learning. They put a tremendous amount of emphasis on using educational approaches that are measurable, repeatable, and reliable. All of LSI’s solutions are tested through their Applied Research Center, where their solutions are tested frequently for their effectiveness.

One of the biggest challenges of this project was helping the LSI team translate the results their programs deliver into different educational settings. With needs being dramatically different between urban, suburban, and rural classrooms, it was important that we showcase the end results of the programs through effective case studies that spoke to these audiences.

Combining the nuanced needs of different audiences into an e-commerce site can be challenging, but our team was up for it. In the end, we delivered a comprehensive e-commerce site that gave educators what they needed to see to believe in LSI’s methodology, and gave LSI the ability to meet those educators where they were.

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