Blacksmith Applications

Powerful software for the consumer packaged goods industry.

CPG is a complex industry. One dive into an industry white paper will find you running for the Google machine, searching every fifth word on the page to understand what’s going on.

Blacksmith Applications seeks to cut through the confusion of CPG through the utilization of their SaaS solution, which makes it easy for CPG customers in the foodservice and retail space to understand how their products are performing, and where they could improve their approach.

With hundreds of years of CPG experience on their staff, and an impressive list of industry clients, Blacksmith Applications were eager to transform their site into a sharp new marketing site that showcased their thought leadership in the CPG industry.

Through utilization of case studies for specific clients, a fresh design that utilized full width illustrations of the software in action, and a blog and resource section that demonstrates the wealth of CPG experience that the Blacksmith team has, we delivered a fresh site that showcases Blacksmith’s CPG expertise.

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