An Improved Site for Improving Urgent Care

Urgent care is at the forefront of modern medicine. Clinics are opening across the country, and existing clinics are taking on more and more patients. They need patient management systems that help them elevate the experience and improve client care.

Experity has a suite of products that easily replace outdated patient management systems. The challenge for the new site was to demonstrate the benefits of Experity while overcoming natural resistance to overhauling existing systems. To do so, we created a site that was based on the user experience, mimicking the ease with which clinics can transition to Experity’s advanced technology. We utilized a peer-selling approach to product placement, emphasizing social proof in the form of logos, testimonials, case studies, and more.

The most unconventional aspect of the site was a “Replacing Your EMR” button in the top navigation. This page, which directly addressed concerns about replacement, was given more prominence than in most sites. We felt it was important to do more than sell products: we were promoting competence, collegiality, and above all, empathy.

Urgent care is vitally important. Experity is helping them pursue their mission. We were proud to help the future of health care.

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