Great Coffee Deserves a Great User Experience

Dancing Goats Coffee has a great story and even better coffee. Locally-sourced and ethically-grown, they put the passion of coffee-roasting experts Batdorf & Bronson into every cup. And they want to get that kind of coffee to people across the country. So their new site needed a fluid, functional, and friendly e-commerce system.

Our site was designed with conversion in mind: we wanted to make it easy for people to buy the coffee they need while learning about the different offerings. It had to be welcoming, exciting, and fit their natural-cool-but-still-very-professional vibe. We designed a very user-friendly shopping and check-out process that facilitated sales while boositng brand recognition.

One challenge was making it easy for people to find their four physical locations without feeling like they had to go to a store to get the Dancing Goats experience. By seamlessly addressing multiple overlapping audiences, we created a UX-centered site that was as refreshing and lively as your morning cup of joe.

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