Building Client Relationships: 5 Tips For Web Designers

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Nick Haas

A web designer’s relationship with their client is one that evolves over the lifespan of any project. You can position yourself as an advisor, expert, friend, and hopefully a longtime business partner by arranging yourself the right way, which allows you to start off on the right foot with your client and bears the best results for the project. Here are five tips to strengthening your client relationships.

Listen Up

Actively listening is consistent engagement with your client no matter the circumstance. To show that you are tuned in, make eye contact and show a strong interest in the conversation.

There will be information that you can use to formulate solid questions. Positioning yourself to refer to what some might feel are mundane thoughts on the project, make it clear to the client that you care about them, their business, and the work you are doing on their project. Design is all in the details.

Feel the Vibe

Along with actively listening, showing empathy for your client’s needs is imperative. The client hired you for a service they need in order to make their business better. Being empathetic has two very great effects. One, it demonstrates to the client that you understand them. Two, it will push you to ask questions that are sincere and targeted. Your work will reflect this.


Be You!

Be open about who you are, your creative processes, your technology and your opinion on their project. If you don’t know the answer, say so. If you try and hide something it will seem like it. Demonstrate your transparency and that you want the best for them.

Don’t Hate, Educate!

Educate your client on the web. Pretty, pretty please! Make them smarter. It can be a difficult road to climb but to many clients web design and development can be an unknown territory. An unsure client can make poor decisions only because they truly don’t know any better.

When you educate your client it makes them wiser and you can continually demonstrate expertise on the subject you love, which reinforces your value and why they hired you in the first place.

Obviously, your client needs to be receptive to it, but even the most difficult clients can walk away more knowledgeable. So next time when they come back with project work, the process gets much easier for the both of you!


Have Some Fun & Smile While Doing It

Who wants to work with a grump? No one. People want to be around folks who laugh, smile and have a positive attitude. Let’s face it, you’re going to be working on this project together so why not make it fun? It makes the process both enjoyable and engaging. This doesn’t mean you need to be cavalier about things, nor refrain from being tough when you need to be. But being positive will build equity for when you need to have a tough conversation. What client doesn’t want you to be excited about their project.

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Nick Haas

Nick Haas

Nick Haas is the Creative Director at Orbit Media.

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  • Joomla Web Design glad you found this article useful. Thanks!

  • It is always good for every developer to work in relax environment

  • Sometimes the best way to handle a client is fire them! Not everyone is meant to be your client!

  • It is necessary to understand the problems that a customer is facing and explain how dealing with your company can help to solve these. Providing information is not enough.

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