Best Chicago Marketing Speakers

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Amanda Gant

A while back, we posted this question on Facebook and got back over 60 comments with a great list of marketing speakers.


From that one Facebook post, we were able to come up with a list of Chicago marketing speakers. Sweet!

Do you know the marketing speakers on this list? You can vote up or down anyone from the list, vote yourself in, or leave a comment to add someone.

My other motivation behind this, is that we have Content Jam, a two-day content marketing event, fast approaching and this will help us when considering speakers for the event.

And of course, if you’d like to consider our own Andy Crestodina as a content marketing speaker for your event, drop us a line…

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Comments (22)
  • Don’t forget about Dan Gershenson at Caliber and Stephanie Walters of Blue Top Marketing!

  • Totally love this post. Of the people I know, on the list, it is like ranking of the smartest and wittiest people in Chicago.

    • It’s hard to vote isn’t it? Especially since many on the list talk on different topics… and they’re all great, friendly, charming (except me ;p) , knowleadgeable, rock stars, inspring… 🙂

      • Don’t sell yourself short there Miss Mana. You’re quite charming. 🙂

    • Thanks, Marty! I concur. Maybe that should be my next post. The wittiest people in Chicago 😉

      • Don’t forget that “Best Chicago Gurus” post either haha

        • This could take a while…

          Putting it on my to do list. Thanks, Cardillo

          • I aim to please.

          • Really? It would please me if you wrote a post for us 😀

  • Rob Biesenbach is really good!

    –Tony Gnau

  • Gini D is da bomb……

    • FACT!

  • Nancy Goldstein of Compass (x) Strategy should definitely be on this list. Always love hearing her marketing insights.

  • How is Amber Naslund not on this list? 🙂

    • Added! Thanks, Matt!

  • Carter doesn’t just know his stuff … he’s an entertaining speaker too.

  • I vote for Steve Susina

  • I vote for Brian Burkhart of Square Planet.

  • Brian Burkhart of Square Planet!!

  • Awesome list! Some of the best and brightest of Chicago. My vote goes to Mr. Crestodina!

  • My favourite Chicago speaker, who knows about marketing, is David J.P. Fisher.

  • My favorite Chicago speaker regarding Marketing issues is David J.P. Fisher. He always has something new and relevant, Keeps us on our toes.

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