The Executives’ Club

New Logo. New Look. New Site

It’s always exciting when a client comes to us with a whole new brand. It’s even more exciting when that new brand is meant to redefine a classic institution such as the Executives’ Club of Chicago. They were ready to take the next step to redefining what it meant to be an executive, and the new website was a core part of that effort.

This was a marriage of design, development, and story-telling. We created a fresh, modern-looking site that remained warm and classic. Subtle animations brought the new logo to life and illustrated that the Exec Club was truly at the nexus of the city.

The site had three goals: attract new members, showcase events, and serve as an information source for existing members. We created a model that was simple to update, easy to navigate, and easy to understand. Anyone coming to the site realized two things instantly: this was no old-school club, and that they need to be a part of the excitement.

It’s a rewarding challenge to help a partner redefine themselves. This is a great example of working together with a client to create something brand new.

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