Stats Perform

Chances are you’ve seen STATSPerform and you don’t even know it.

If you watch sports, listen to sports, play fantasy sports, or work in sports, STATSPerform has provided you that in game context that you so desperately crave.

Headquartered in Chicago, STATSPerform (formerly STATS, LLC) provides data points on sports to broadcast networks, fantasy sports and gambling sites, and sports leagues like La Liga and Serie A. They have a global audience that is interested in their content. Multilingual configuration was a big part of this site, allowing STATSPerform to deliver targeted content to the audiences that want it where they are.

There’s always a wrinkle or two when delivering a beautiful new website – in this case, it was that STATS LLC had a merger in the middle of the project, where they became STATSPerform. With a new company name and domain, our team had to hustle to adjust to meet that adjustment.

The next time we’re watching football on Sundays, we’ll keep an eye out for that STATSperform logo, and smile, knowing that we did our part to help sports fans enjoy the game even more.

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