Mishkan Chicago


An eclectic, down-to-earth religious and cultural organization deserves a site that captures and spread their ethos. We were happy to design it.

Mishkan Chicago is a community of young Jewish adults looking for spirituality that makes sense in their lives. They are digital natives in a changing world, which is why Mishkan’s site had to be a reflection of that. Our design for them captured the feeling the Mishkan hopes to impart: intelligent, inquisitive, progressive, and forward-thinking.

We emphasized many of Mishkan’s features, including its desire to promote community involvement and its open nature. As with organizations like Mishkan, we want the site to steer visitors toward involvement via information. The more they learn, the more likely they are to be involved or to support this non-profit. Everything in the design was built with that goal in mind: to create an informed and active community.

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