Bernie’s Book Bank

A non-profit website needs to spur people to act. We were proud to help Bernie’s Book Bank with their mission to deliver books to at-risk and poor children.

Any non-profit needs help from the community to meet their mission. Bernie’s Book Bank, which delivers millions of children’s books to at-risk Chicagoans, needed a site that led to action. That’s why they were our 2016 Chicago Cause recipient, and it was with this mission in mind that we designed their new site.

We wanted an easy path toward explaining their goals and their importance while allowing people to effortlessly donate books, money or time. We wanted to make sure that volunteers at any level would have an intuitive way to get involved.

Most importantly, we wanted to help this amazing organization with their important message. Literacy and the power of imagination is a gift. We are proud to help Bernie’s Book Bank deliver theirs.

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