It was important to Cabot Creamery, a fellow B Corp, to showcase their values and compelling story. It was important to us to create a site that did just that.

The new site not only showcases their delicious cheese and dairy products, but with a cross-referenced and expanding recipe collection, helps customers enjoy them to the fullest. Visitors can plan whole parties around the goodness of Cabot Creamery, and be directed to the nearest place to but their products. In keeping with the community theme, the site also profiles the 1,200 family farms who make up the Cabot Cooperative.

The result is a bold visual design and an immersive brand experience. More about the strategy behind the interactive Cabot experience below.

Product Catalog: Make it Cheesy, Make It Easy

A super visual user experience with multiple ways to find what you’re looking for.
  • Large recognizeable prouducts grouped by size, type, and packaging.
  • Custom filters for quick and easy narrowing.
  • Clear calls-to-action to buy online or find nearby.
  • A mobile optimized store locator with built in inventory.

Farm Families: Making a Personal Connection to Cabot

By showcasing the families that own Cabot, we connect visitors to more than just cheese.

Cabot is incredible company, owned by hard-working farmers. We couldn’t of been more excited to bring this to the life on their new site. Each farm and family have their own page full of photos, stats, links, a map, and most importantly, their story.

These fine people are where food comes from. Take a look for yourself!

User-Friendly, Responsive Filters: A Recipe for Success

What are you in the mood for? Mix-n-match until you find the perfect recipe.

Orbit overhauled it’s faceted search filters from the ground-up to make Cabot’s extensive recipe catalog a breeze to use. Users can search by the type of cheese they have in their fridge or the type of meal they’d like to cook. Looking for something special that’s holiday themed and made with chicken? We’ve got you covered!

The drop-downs also make sure things are compact, mobile-friendly, and can grow with the Cabot’s needs over time.