Orbit 9x Has No Affiliation with Orbit Media Studios

There is a company in India, called Orbit 9x, that is claiming to be affiliated with Orbit Media Studios. This isn’t true.

Almost every day, we are contacted by people in India asking us if there is some connection. There is no connection. All representations that Orbit Media Studios Inc. is affiliated with other companies are false, misleading, and fraudulent.

Orbit Media Studios Inc. is only a web design company located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Our only web presence is this website. We have no affiliated.

  • We do NOT operate any other companies under any other names.
  • We do NOT operate any companies outside of the United States.
  • We do NOT operate any other websites with any other domain names.
  • We do NOT provide any services besides web design and development services.

We have asked Orbit 9x to stop using our name, but they have not. We have asked Facebook to take down the Orbit 9x pages, since those pages improperly used our name. Facebook took down the pages. We are currently pursuing other legal options related to copyright violations.

In the meantime, I thought I’d make this page, hoping it will rank in Google, that people will find it and that it will clarify the situation. I hope this is helpful.


Andy Crestodina
Orbit Media Studios