Wine & Webinar: How to Dominate Your Industry Through Thought Leadership, PR, and SEO

Influencer marketing, blogger relations and digital PR are all built on the same foundation: collaboration.

We chatted with our good friend, John Hall, about how good PR can be a game-changer to winning over competitive search terms, and we discussed trends that are affecting how PR can differentiate an SEO strategy.

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About the speaker: John Hall

About the speaker: John Hall

John Hall, Chief Strategist to the growth marketing agency Relevance and the Co-founder of the scheduling app Calendar, authored the best-selling book “Top of Mind,” published by McGraw-Hill. He has been called a top “sales speaker”, “virtual keynote speaker“, “social media speaker” and  “motivational guest speaker” that people should pay attention to. John writes weekly columns for Forbes and Inc. and has contributed to more than 50 online publications, including Inc., Harvard Business Review, Fortune, Fast Company, and Mashable.