LinkedIn for B2B Marketers: Content Promotion, Networking and Lead Generation

We aren’t like B2C brands.

They love likes. We love leads.
They love reviews. We love referrals.
They’re about quantity. We’re all about quality.

For a B2B business, social media builds trust and supports lead generation. It’s about connecting with people and promoting your highest value content.

This session is a practical breakdown of what we’ve learned after 16 years on social media, as a B2B brand focused on lead generation.

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About the speaker: Andy Crestodina

About the speaker: Andy Crestodina

Co-Founder/CMO, Orbit Media, a Certified B Corp since 2013

Andy Crestodina is a top-rated speaker and keynote presenter at national conferences. He’s the author of Content Chemistry: The Illustrated Guide to Content Marketing. His practical approach to teaching and training uses simple explanations to demystify tough content marketing, SEO, social media and analytics topics. You can find Andy on LinkedIn and Twitter.