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Restaurant web design gives you a taste of everything.
Don’t you hate when you go to a restaurant website and immediately get stuck waiting for an intro to finish playing? Or when you (finally) get past the intro you cannot find the menu, contact information, hours or reservations? Or when you try to access their site via your phone, there is no site because it’s all flash?

We don’t like that either.

At Orbit, our restaurant website design lets users find information easily and get a sense of the dining experience. With our information architecture and user-centered design. Restaurant websites can be beautiful and more successful.

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Design a Site that People Want to Use

Restaurant websites historically have their share of usability issues. Issues such as large PDF downloads for menus, missing content like addresses, hours or phone numbers, no clear path to make reservations, and a heavy reliance on flash have frustrated would-be diners for years. Users coming to a restaurant website want to find information as fast as possible.

Make that possible for them. There are millions of restaurant choices. And even though you have the best food in the city, if people get frustrated with your site, they’ll quickly choose another one.

Showcase Ambiance and Passion Without Compromising User Experience

Restaurant website designs often have to appeal to a hip, digitally savvy crowd. To effectively communicate your restaurant’s experience, focus on your ambiance and passion. Ambiance is the beautiful interior design of each location. Passion is to the food, patrons, staff and owners that bring your restaurant to life.

Both are part of the dining experience. Your website has to capture both.

With each restaurant website design, we strive to capture the unique ambiance right away without compromising users’ experience in finding information. We want to place the user ‘inside the space’ as much as possible.

When possible, we prefer to focus on food photography, event photography, extensive menus and company history. This connects the user to the staff and owners’ passion for what they do.

Don’t Neglect Mobile Or Tablets

The mobile audience is on the go, and these users need essential information quickly. We deliver content people want: reservations, menus, hours, address, map and call functions—making it easy to take action in one step.

Manage All Sites Through One CMS

Your website should be easy to maintain, run from one Content Management System (CMS). This system provides administrative tools that give users a way to manage site content easily, even if they don’t know web development or design.

A restaurant site that uses a single CMS makes it very easy for restaurant staff to keep content fresh. Staff can update menus, hours, images, events and careers, as well as add pages when necessary.

Partner with Us

Since 2001, the Orbit web design and development team has been creating custom sites and managing tricky integrations. We’re content management experts and work closely with web strategists and project managers to create your perfect site.

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