Information for those who need it the most: parents of teenagers

It’s never easy being a teen, and it is never easy raising one. Today, with the explosion of social media, and everyo other pressure, it’s harder than ever to understand what is going on in your teen’s life. Your Teen Magazine works to make it easier by providing in-depth, intelligent, readable articles.

That means they have an information-rich site with many topics, which means there has to be an easy way for parents to navigate through to find the topics they care about.

We also wanted a simple way to cross-promote articles, leading a visitor from one information-rich article to the next, so that they didn’t have to hunt for more relevant information. The idea of the site was to make stressful situations less stressful. Clean, easy, modern navigation brought a magazine to life, and helped ring YTM’s smart articles to a grateful audience.

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