Van Drunen Farms

In 1856, the Van Drunen family immigrated from the Netherlands to South Holland…Illinois. It was time for their website to make a journey.

Van Drunen farms started by providing customers with potatoes, peas, beans, onions, cabbage and carrots. As both farmers and processors, Van Drunen has multiple audiences and many buyers. They needed a site that would help every kind of customer along their buyer’s journey.

At Van Drunen, they are keenly aware of everything it takes to produce food the right way – from farm to fork, and their website had to highlight a commitment to those values. Potential customers can get the information they need in a user-friendly manner, finding the products and processes that they are looking for, and then are easily moved toward an clear action.

Van Drunen partnered with Orbit to build a website that showcased each of their quality ingredients, highlight their superior processes and capture the legacy of their family owned company.

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