An Investment Site Worth the Investment

The investment advisors at Taiber Kosmala pride themselves on being fiercely independent and results-oriented. When they wanted a new site, they looked for people who would deliver the same kind of results for SEO and conversions.

Their new site was built to appeal to several different kinds of institutional investors, and the goal was to give them clear paths to finding the information they needed. We had to present Taiber Komsala as the experts they were, by providing a resource-heavy site that offered clear calls-to-action. The aesthetic combined wonkiness with a certain tongue-in-cheek vibe, assuring clients that this wasn’t just another consulting firm.

A client portal helped to facilitate action for current clients, while the rest of the site appealed to potential new clients. The investment consultants and TKA are proudly independent. Their new site helps them stand even further apart from the crowd.

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