Packaging Corporation of America

Whenever packaging lands on your doorstep or you see a cardboard display in a store, there’s a chance Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) is behind it. They’ve been the partner of choice for corrugated packaging for years, but their website didn’t do a good job proving why.

The PCA team needed an updated website that made their level of expertise and dedication to customers clear while also drawing in the interest of job candidates. Our team worked to help PCA step outside the box by clearly stating what they offer (cardboard packaging and containers) and what they care about (people, customers, and value). This redesign also included a rebrand that visually supported these goals on the front-end and made the back-end experience for PCA a breeze.

The revamped website makes two things clear: why potential clients should work with PCA and why job candidates should work for PCA.

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