Midway Partnership


A New Way To Get Around Midway

Being at the airport is too often an exercise in rushing around trying to find things before takeoff. The people at Midway Airport wanted a better experience for their flyers. So they turned to us to create a virtual tour guide for Chicago’s favorite airport.

Midway Partners is an interactive guide of restaurants, stores, and more. You can easily plan your visit before you get to the airport, leaving nothing to chance. Or you can find services while you are there. All you have to do is enter your flight number, and the site interacts with Midway Airport to point you to your gate and let you know everything about it.

This project required heavy design and technical work, integrating Midway’s flight tracker APIs with a clean, fun, and modern look.

We can’t make every flight be on time. But we are happy to help make the time spent at the airport much better.

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