Landmark Pest Management

Challenges for an unconventional digital audience.

We love putting our conversion skills to the test for any type of business. Software, banking, manufacturing, we do it all. Every now and then, an industry outside of our normal milieu creates an interesting challenge. Enter Landmark Pest Management.

From a conversion perspective, the answer seemed simple – if you have a pest problem, you want someone to get out to you and fix it as soon as possible. We accounted for that in the site design with a sticky header that allowed you to call or email from every page.

The next question was – what content would you want to see to help you pick up the phone or send an email? In this case, we took service pages to a new level by creating subpages that give the user helpful background information on each problem that Landmark provides a solution for.

This mix of conversion focus and wildlife/pest content compendium, mixed with action photos and a video header, gave Landmark the site they needed to showcase their services, and their audiences the information they need to get that pesky pest problem fixed.

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