Halo is democratizing investment. Their site needed to be for everyone.

Halo Investing has taken extremely complex financial products and made them simple. They’ve opened doors that were closed to everyday investment advisors helping regular people have better retirements. So their site had to reflect their ethos: transparent, open, and easy-to-use.

We created a B2B-style site that addressed the myths and fears around these products, upfront and directly. It took an unusual story-telling technique: it acknowledged the problems advisors had with certain products, without shying away from them. The navigation took an unconventional route: they weren’t interested in a “buy now” approach, but a conversational and educational experience We wanted to reflect the honesty that is the core of their business.

The clean open style helped instill a sense of trust while navigating people toward the robust resource section and eventual conversion of using the platform. The Halo site is easy to navigate for all visitors, from large institutions to prospective customers to existing clients who want an easy log-in or want to see the newest information.

Halo is for everyone. So is their new site.

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