Grand Canyon Trust

Protecting our shared heritage is a shared responsibility. Grand Canyon Trust needed a site to get everyone involved.

Protecting something as awesome as the Grand Canyon Trust involves many things, and the Grand Canyon Trust’s site wasn’t able to do them all. Our Analytics research indicated that search engine traffic was failing to lead to donations or actions, the lifeblood of any not-for-profit advocacy group.

The new design drastically simplified the information architecture, reducing the primary navigation to three options. Also, instead of trying to include everything about the Trust on the home page, the user-centered design forced the content to be specific and relevant to user, making it more findable. As result, the content generated more qualified traffic which led to an increase in conversions.

Clearly-marked action buttons made it easy to donate or to otherwise act. We wanted a site that provided clear paths for involvement. We didn’t want to try to be as majestic as the Canyon, but our honored to help protect it.

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