DeBofsky, Sherman, Casciari, Reynolds

A Law Firm With a Mission. A Site With Purpose.

DeBofsky, Sherman, Casciari, Reynolds is tireless in helping people get the benefits they deserve. They help protect the little guy in court. Their new site needed to show them as experts in a complicated field, and as a place where people could turn when they needed help. It had to be like the lawyers and staff at the firm, authoritative and approachable.

This required innovative ways to layout original copy and content. This was a site with heavy conversion-driven copy, leading people to 1) understand that they have a case when their claims are denied and 2) show people that DSCR will fight for them.

An updated content management system made it easy for these prolific writers to publish new blog posts and insights, a key part of the project. With new navigation, enhanced bios, and a resource library that showcased their wide variety of publications, the new site is a welcome place for people who need help.

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