Print may be static a medium, but websites should not be. And for Cushing, a Chicago-based printer,that was a problem: unable to update their website content, they were missing out on opportunities to drive traffic and increase revenue.

We tackled this problem by over-hauling the site architecture and developing a custom WordPress CMS. For the administrator, the site is easier to update; and for the visitor, the website is easier to navigate. An industey-specific navigation bar means that visitors from different fields can find what they need without having to wade through data.

Action is key, which is why the “Request a Quote” form is accessible from anywhere on the website, keeping customer service front-and center. As an innovative leader in the printing industry, Cushing’s website delivers a satisfying and dynamic customer experience across desktop, tablet and mobile.

With Cushing’s dynamic new site, there’s never a need to stop the presses.

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