Colgin Cellars

A site for the finest of wine. We make websites that serve as the digital hub of many businesses. Every now and then, we make a site that allows us to go full whiz bang, adding in animations and features that really stretch the bounds of what a website can be.

Colgin Cellars is a Napa Valley winery founded in 1992 by Ann Colgin, who fell in love with the Napa Valley region after attending the Napa Valley Wine Auction in 1988.

An art collector originally, Ann and her team produce incredible wine that is “offered” to customers through a specialized offerings list that allows connoisseurs access to their vintages.

For a wine that has this level of artisan quality, we pulled out all the stops for the website. Little navigation details like the color of the wine in the hover state, a detailed vintages table with tasting notes and suggestions on when to consume the wine. The homepage video that goes full screen upon scrolling really immerses the user in the Colgin experience, transporting them to Napa Valley from the comfort of their own device.

Working with Colgin Cellars gave us the opportunity to tell a unique story about a female vintner, and the amazing wine that her vineyard produces. With an amazing story like that, we reached into our bag of tricks and delivered a website experience worthy of the story.

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